ADM Special inspection of metal continuous casting line in steel companies

ADM Special inspection of metal continuous casting line in steel companies

It is our pride to create a new way to 3D inspection of continuous casting Rollers with Non-contact CMM for first time. ADM team can choose the realistic and economical way in an urgent and short time for inspection all of line with over 70 rollers.continuous-casting
In the process of continuous casting of steel, ladle is providing enough steel to form a continuous flow. Ladle can also act as a filter and harmful impurities into a slag layer will float. If the particles of solid impurities are allowed to remain in the product, Surface defects such as "Star" may be formed during the next rolling operations or cause to be local on the inner tensions and finally reduce the fatigue life. In order to produce quality products, Molten steel from exposure to the air by the slag covering the entire surface of the liquid in each ladle and using ceramic nozzles between containers, shall be protected. If this does not happen, the steel reacts with oxygen in the air and is formed harmful impurities oxide.
In the mold, the molten steel cooled by the water in copper mold and frozen and will form a solid layer. The mold Oscillated vertically. By this way Adhesion layer be resolved from the mold wall. Below the copper mold, Driven roller is moving. This roller prevents to hang between solid layer and mold wall. Excellent result into the process moves forward in the steady state. Melt flow rate will control by restricting the nozzle orifice and receive signal from a surface sensor.
When casting large sections such as slabs, a row of roller direct soft steel layer to end of product line. These rollers prevent to bulging in slab of pressure melt. Additional rolls are required to force straight up to layer (through the transition from straight to curve and straight path). If the distance between the rollers or their status does not set, in the slabs create internal cracks (lamination). These defects, even after several rolling in other operations, will remain in the final product. So the casting process control is very important.


23 January 2015



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