Faro Gage Plus

Fast, easy and accurate portable CMM

Radian™ includes all the characteristics of API’s advanced laser tracking technology

The FARO Gage measuring arm is an accurate 3D gauge for smaller parts and is an industry leader in portable CMMs. Ending the reliance on expensive and hard-to-use fixed CMMs, the FARO Gage offers high accuracy levels, improves measurement consistency, reduces inspection time, and generates automatic reports. Made specifically for shop floor personnel, the FARO Gage sets up in seconds and allows anyone to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly, and accurately.


Save time and money by replacing cluttered inspection areas with the one tool that can do it all – the FARO Gage. Built with temperature and overload sensors that allow the FARO Gage to detect and react to change, and with internal counterbalancing that limits user fatigue, the FARO Gage maximizes accuracy, allowing your team to maintain their focus and come away with quality results. 

Performance Specifications: (Accuracy :0.005mm)

Model Measuring Volume ISO 10360-2 -
Gage 1200 mm (48“) sphere 5+8L/1000 6
Gage-Plus 1200 mm (48“) sphere 10+16L/1000 12

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