ADM Fabrication


We have a fully tooled machine shop with our main partner company (Petrogostar) with a selection of CNC milling centers, CNC lathes, manual lathes, and secondary operation equipment.

Produce on demand custom parts

Supply replacement parts for machines and equipment

Replacement spare part manufacturing

Custom precision repair and modification of machinery

ADM has a prideful experience in manufacturing of quality parts, equipment, and designs and spare parts. Some of our spare part productions was been:

kinds of Impeller for pumps and compressor

high speed turbo impellers

Casing and other parts for pump, compressor and blower

Gear and Casing for Gearboxes

kind of shaft and sleeve with high accuracy and qualify

piston and piston rod for any scale of compressor

ADM is the brainchild of a group of highly-skilled professionals with in-depth exposure to solve the special problems in industrial field. ADM co founded in 2005 with the concept of “PERFORMANCE WITH EXCELLENCE”.     Read More


Abad Deghat Markazi Co.
Hemat Avenue - Ghotb Industrial Hub - Arak - IRAN